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Medical/hospital footwear

Thermoshoe di Baldin Michele e Francesco s.n.c. has been active in Vigonza since 1972. Over the years, we have developed and modernised while staying loyal to our vocation as footwear producers, even when others were making easier choices on the market. Today, after more than 40 years, we are proud of being a footwear producer with deep roots in the local area and of the success that our commitment and innovation have brought us.

As producers for major Italian and international brands, our products are sold and appreciated in many countries abroad.

With our Sun Shoes brand, we wanted to offer the market innovative top-quality products at the most affordable prices, since they can be purchased directly from the producer.

100% Made in Italy
In line with our philosophy of quality without compromise, we have always kept production entirely in Italy and always followed the most stringent standards. Therefore, we are proud to say that all our products are entirely made in Italy.
No parts or components are imported from foreign countries.
We follow the tradition of the ‘Maestri Calzaturieri del Brenta' (Master Shoemakers of the Brenta), an institution to which we belong.

All our professional products for sale in our online store are certified  to the stringent EN ISO 20347 and EN ISO 20346 standards, and therefore they are in every respect PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). We work closely with the Italian certification bodies CIMAC and RICOTEST, which subject our products to strict tests and inspections. Safety is no joking matter. Never.

Anti-slip SRC
All our certified professional products  for sale in our online store comply with anti-slip SRC requirements.

Current regulations involve very high parameters for obtaining anti-slip certification  which has also become mandatory for all PPE classified footwear.

The test comprises two different trials:
SRA: wet ceramic tiles with detergent, with flat footwear and footwear tilted by 7 degrees towards the heel
SRB: wet stainless steel with glycerine, with flat footwear and footwear tilted by 7 degrees towards the heel
If the high test parameters are reached in both trials, the letters SRC can be applied: the maximum attainable.

Many have tried. We have succeeded.

Thermoshoe di Baldin Michele e Francesco s.n.c.
Via Parenzo, 2 - 35010 Vigonza (PD) Italy
Tel +39 049 629137
C.F. e V.A.T. no.: 02522080288
C.C.I.A.A. 235453
C.S. € 16.000,00 i.v.
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